I know it has been quite some time since I donned the keyboard with a post such as this, but with it being the greatest time of the year, you know your boy Miller had to come through with another College Football Preview.

Now, if you think my hiatus from the blog scene has taken me away from watching what’s been going on then you are out of your damn mind. Of course I know all about the recruiting classes that have been building recently, and of course I know that UGA’s class has received several boosts and more are yet to come (Justin Fields, I’m looking at you), but this post is not about that. This post is about a look ahead to the opening weekend of college football, and celebrating the greatest time of the year, FOOTBALL SEASON.

So, without any more opening blog post filler, let’s take a gander at the top games that y’all have to look forward to this Labor Day Weekend:




NC State vs. S. Carolina- Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC- 3:00 pm on ESPN:

  • LINE: SC -5

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 9.22.49 PM

  • Now, I HATE South Carolina. So I’m really trying hard to not let that alter my pick here. That being said, it will be very difficult for the Cocks to hold firm up front against the D from NC State (references galore there). Because of this, while I believe that Bentley is a great quarterback, and I do believe in the weapons he has, I don’t think they will be able to keep up with NC State’s offense for four quarters, and I don’t think they have the defense needed to stop NC State’s offense.
  • Since that has all been said, to be frank, THIS LINE IS TERRIBLE. I think people are hammering on South Carolina cause they’re in the SEC, because that’s the only explanation. The cocks should not be favored in Charlotte, period. Taking NC State here for sure.
    • FINAL BET: NC State +5



Michigan vs. Florida – AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX-  3:30 pm on ABC:

  • LINE: Michigan -5

  • Battle of two teams facing some serious adversity going into this year. Michigan only has five starters returning, while Florida has already suspended 10 players for this game thanks to a credit card fraud scheme (Gators gonna Gator am I right?). 
    • For Michigan, they will have the tough task of replacing top notch talent from last year, talent that was proven by the fact that they were a top-10 team the whole year. However, have y’all seen what Jim Harbaugh has done on the recruiting trail? Good, and have y’all seen the type of defense that Don Brown lines up? He’s one of the best D-Coordinators in the game, and rest assured, with the talent he is bringing, Michigan will not miss a step. I have no concerns with Michigan.
    • For Florida, the solace they can find in the suspensions is only a couple are meaningful. In addition, I do believe that Florida’s quarterback play with Feleipe Franks will be much improved in comparison to last year. That being said two of the meaningful players they will lose are their best receiver in Antonio Callaway and their best running back, Jordan Scarlett, who is a returning 1000 yard rusher…  Losing two premier players against a forceful Defense like the one Michigan is bringing? Game over. 
  • FINAL BET: I got Michigan by a touchdown, and I’m hammering the -5.



Alabama vs. Florida State – Mercedez-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA – 8 pm on ABC:

  • LINE: Alabama -7

Bama. Bama. Bama. Bama. And then some more Bama. That’s what you will see leading up to this game, that’s what you will see during the game, and that’s what you will hear about after the game.

  • Listen, I know I was dead wrong about the National Championship last year, and will admit it. However, this Florida State team is too young up front. They are simply not ready for a match up this early in the season against a defensive side that is this big. Here’s how it will go down: 
    • Bama will load the box and will smother Akers and the FSU running game. This will force Francois to throw. Francois will make some good quick throws and begin to do well against the defense, which is when Saban and Co. will begin to mix in some ridiculous blitz schemes and will put him under immense pressure, where a mistake is guaranteed (Nothing against Francois, he is amazing, but he is young). Then Bama will continue to chip away with the running game and will manage the game until it is done, where they will win, and they will cover. I’m sorry it’s just the truth.
  • FINAL BET: Bama by 10, gimme that -7.



LSU vs. BYU- Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, LA – 9:30 on ESPN:

  • LINE LSU -14.5

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 9.25.18 PM.png

  • This is a very tough break for BYU, because Hurricane Harvey made this a home game for LSU. On top of that, Coach O will be looking to make a statement in his first game as the official head coach. I also believe that the offense will be reinvigorated with Canada as the OC, and with a very hungry Derrius Guice running the rock. I look for LSU to win big, especially with BYU coming out terribly against Portland State last week, but I also am very scared of the 14.5 line. Hear me out, LSU rarely blows teams out, and BYU has only lost one game by double digits in the last two years. Call me soft, or whatever you want, but I’m just being honest with you, I’m not touching that line.
  • FINAL BET: I’d take LSU in any kind of parlay possible, but only money line, cause I’m petrified of them having to win by 15.




Texas A&M vs. UCLA – Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA – 7:30 pm on FOX:

    • LINE: UCLA -3.5
  • The infamous battle of two coaches who’s seats can’t seem to be hotter, even though Kevin Sumlin’s seat has been hot since he started at A&M.  I’m gonna get real with you guys right now. I had a crazy dream last night that I dropped $50 on A&M money line, and they lost 51-7 to UCLA. Craziest thing that’s ever happened to me, and shows I may have a serious gambling problem. Regardless, I will still bet on A&M to win. 
  • I know all about Josh Rosen, and trust me that kid is the truth, even though I heard his bar mitzvah wasn’t even lit (see below), and he has been my mortal enemy since day one. However, Kevin Sumlin has the Aggies at 20-2 in games before October 1st. With only losses in one possession games against Florida and Bama… I think he’ll have his team ready for this, and I think Captain Kirk will come out flying. Because of this, your boy is doubling down on the Aggies. Gig. Em. BTHO UCLA.
  • FINAL BET: Tex A&M +3.5



West Virginia vs. Virginia Tech – FedEx Field, in Landover, MD – 7:30 pm on ABC:

  • LINE: Virginia Tech -4

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 3.23.50 PM.png

  • Y’all remember Will Grier? Ole boy was leading Florida to an undefeated season, and had talks of them contending for a national championship until he got caught using PEDs (AGAIN, Gators gonna Gator). On top of this addition, the Mountaineers have a bevy of weapons at their disposal, and are going up against a defense that returns only two starters, all while WVU has a stellar group of safeties and a solid defense on their end. 
  • Combine these factors with the fact that Virginia Tech is starting a redshirt freshman QB in Josh Jackson and what do you get? That’s right, a West Virginia victory in D.C. 
    • FINAL BET: WVU +4




Tennessee vs. Georgia Tech – Mercedez-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA – 8 pm on ESPN:

  • LINE: Tennessee -3

  • I honestly don’t think I could hate two sides of a match up any more than I do right now. It’s absurd how badly I want both of these two teams to start off on the wrong foot. I also think this game is ridiculously hard to decide and I’ve gone back and forth a lot. Here are the factors:
  • Tennessee has some issues to address after losing starting left tackle Drew Richmond, and not having a fool-proof answer at quarterback; BUT, Georgia Tech looks to be out TWO running backs after Dedrick Mills was dismissed and Clinton Lynch. That’s not good considering Georgia Tech runs the ball 99.99999% of the time. In addition, Butch Jones is undefeated in neutral site games (although lets not lie, it’s a home game for Tech as it’s in their back yard). 
  • FINAL BET: I look for all of this to lead to the Vols winning a very close match up, but to cover the -3.


Alright, that about wraps it up for the weekend, some big games, but nothing bigger than Bama-FSU. As always best of luck to each of your teams and to your wallets!



P.S.- Special side bet, I’m taking Georgia Southern +35 every. day. of. the. week. Put it on the board!