If you haven’t heard (and I bet it’s safe to say you haven’t) Stacy Lewis won the Cambia Portland Classic on Sunday for her 12th career LPGA Tour win. However, that feat is not what we’re talking about today… What are we talking about?

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No Allen, we’re not talking about practice…

What are we talking about?

Stacy took the earnings she got from the tourney and donated all of it to Hurricane Harvey relief… And then the sponsor of the tourney, KPMG matched it… And then Marathon Petroleum Coroporation added $1 MILLION.

Now, to Stacy, that honestly could be a ton of money. I don’t know. She hadn’t won a tournament in over three years and while she could totally be doing just fine financially, any LPGA golfer I’m SURE is not rolling in the cash that her male counterparts are… So to donate 100% of her winnings, that’s QUITE the gesture.

And it’s pretty awesome to see that that started a domino effect of over 7x her donation going to Harvey Relief… Again, I’ve said it before – it’s great to see everyone stepping up to help the victims and the continued support is everywhere.

Fuck Harvey, let’s continue to make Houston great again!!