I know I’m a little late on this stuff, buuuut as I’ve mentioned I’m catching up a bit from just a debilitating weekend, so if you don’t like it – you can visit this page.

Anywho! Early Sunday morning our girl Taylor Swift dropped her second song, entitled – Ready For It? – from her new album (coming in November) and I genuinely was like, “Okay, great! The last one was such trash and I need to get the taste outta my mouth… THIS one will do it!

I was super hungover but I stayed positive for Taylor despite her last song, Look What You Made Me Do, being complete buttcheeks… I needed a better song, and she was right to release a second one so quickly. We could all have forgotten that horrible putrid dumpster fire of a song, and thank God!

But guys, she did it again…


What are you doing?! This… THIS is just…

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You are better than this! Get back to pop, you can even go back to country. This rap artist garbage you’re spewing cannot continue. I love you and that’s why I can say this – it’s noooooo good.

I believe in you like I believe in the Knicks. You can turn this around. But please, stop with the rap game. You are a white nerdy girl from Pennsylvania, and we LOVED you for that. You didn’t need to change.

And listen, we all make mistakes… Just come out and be like, “Spinzone, I was just kidding! This is all a joke! Wait, you guys thought I was serious?!?!

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And we’ll all think it was hilarious and go back to loving your music. I promise.

We’re going through this tough time together.