Well, ain’t this just peachy.  The Sox have been playing like ass the past two weeks and now this.  They get caught for using a Goddamn Apple Watch for stealing signs.  So not only have they done literally everything on the field wrong, they’ve even cheated wrong.  A true microcosm of how it’s been going.

I could sit here and say that stealing signs is part of the game (it is) and that I believe that if you get your signs stolen, you should hide your signs better (I do), but I won’t because there’s no question that the Red Sox did break the rules.  While there’s nothing in the rule book about the actual action of stealing signs, there is something that forbids using electronic devices to gain a competitive advantage during games.  The Sox should face a punishment.  You’re not going to hear any complaints from me, a Red Sox fan.

What I will say though is that I genuinely don’t understand how this happened.  I suppose you could chalk this up as a “Ketch Figures It Out” because the whole trail of relaying the signs to the batter seems incredibly strange to me.  If you don’t know how this sign tipping using an Apple Watch allegedly happened, this is how:

  1. Athletic trainer gets sign on Apple Watch,
  2. Athletic trainer gives player in dugout sign,
  3. Player from dugout signs runner on second base,
  4. Runner on second base signs batter.

Couple thoughts here:

  • Where is the athletic trainer getting the sign?  I’ve looked at a number of different reports and it just says the athletic trainer is gets the sign on their Apple Watch.  Are they getting it from NESN?  A camera man?   Is it an app?  Is someone on the other team going all Benedict Arnold and just giving the signs to him?
  • Is it me or does this seem like a lot to happen between pitches?  I mean, if the report said they skipped the middle man and the athletic trainer just signed the runner on second directly, I’d probably be less skeptical.
  • I think that if this happened, the actual signs would be out.  The reports would say something like “then the players on the bench would touch his left ear which signaled that a fastball was coming and the runner on second adjusted their helmet so the hitter could see” but so far none of that has come out.

I don’t know.  I’m not by any means defending the Red Sox and their moronic styles .of stealing signs, but I’m also not completely buying that this is exactly how it happened.  I’m sure something happened, I guess I just need more evidence than some videos the Yankees took.  If I get explanations to all those bullets, then again, I have no problem with some kind of punishment from MLB, but until then, I must say I am skeptical.

Two more final thoughts regarding this situation: first, the Red Sox have filed complaints that the Yankees have been using the YES Network to help the the Yanks steal signs. These accusations better hold water or else this will be an even worse look for the Red Sox.

And second, I’ll leave you with this: Stealing signs is a tradition in baseball.  If you’re going to argue that the simple act of stealing signs is “dirty” or “bush league” – then you’re an idiot. If you’re a baseball player and you’re too haughty to steal signs, you’re a jackass. As my college coach once said, “if you don’t want to know what pitch is coming, you’re a fucking idiot.