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It’s been 963 days since the Deflategate game where the Pats ran train on the Colts.

Can I ask a real simple question – Why is Goodell still “such a clown“? Why will he be mocked and booed tonight? We all know it’s coming, I just want to know: why?

Is it really JUST for “Deflategate“? Because I can’t think of anything else Goodell did to hurt the Patriots, and Deflategate seems like a pretty good reason to come down on a team. You cheated*.

There are rules. They were broken*. You served your punishment. YOU WON A FUCKING SUPER BOWL. Move on.

Instead, at Foxborough tonight, I know 70,000 Goodell clown towels are being distributed (I do kinda love this) to remind everyone that the Patriots once cheated*.

And couple that with the fact that within the last couple weeks, Boston’s Red Sox ALSO were accused, and ADMITTED, to cheating…

I don’t know. It just seems like an odd thing to keep hounding that you were mistreated about something that happened almost 1,000 days ago… Especially when it came to cheating.

Stop ripping the band-aid off, it’s over. It’s done. I moved on. So should you.

There are other far more relevant things we can focus on… It’s been 214 days since the Patriots UNREAL¬†Super Bowl 25-point comeback win over the Falcons!! We’re even closer to the NEXT Pats title (if you believe they’re gonna win which Vegas sure as hell does) with only¬†150 days until the 2018 Super Bowl.

Stop living in the past, please. It happened. Time to move on.



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* = allegedly… I’ll be honest, I forget if there was evidence of this at all or not. All I know was it SEEMED there wasn’t evidence and everyone lost their minds. Again, if I have forgotten the details, you should probably forget the whole damn thing.