It isn’t often we have let our collective hairs down on this site and tell war stories of our past, but as I mentioned in my previous post, when I saw #NationalBeerLoversDay was trending on Twitter – I felt inspired.

It funny, this particular story came up a couple days ago, and it was nice to reminisce about the glory days. A young Producer Tim, heading into his senior year of college was moving back to Cuse, and he decided to come up a few weeks early so we could get some work done (we had done some destruction to the house via parties and such over time, so Tim and I were poised to get it all done in the few weeks before his final year kicked off).

Now I made sure to go back so see, but I believe Tim arrived in Cuse on a Sunday to our apartment, on August 10th. AUGUST 10TH.

So there he is. He’s back, ready for his senior year and he’s ready to absolutely CRUSH. He’s having people over, he’s crushing beers with his boys at their new places… Really just living the mentality of “this is our last year – let’s get it!

Fast forward to Labor Day, and we’re sitting around the house having a few brewski’s and someone asks the question, “Hey Tim, when do you think the last day you DIDN’T drink was?

At first it was a “Haha, Tim is ALWAYS drinking” kinda comment. Fun, harmless and ultimately meaningless…

…and then we thought about it. It was one of these kinda thought processes:

Well, last night was Saturday, so obviously I went out and Friday we had people over, Thursday night we went to Mully’s, Wednesday was Flip Night, Tuesday was DJ’s, Monday I got drunk with the swim guys, Sunday was NFL…

And all of a sudden that “Monday through Sunday” routine traced all the way back to? AUGUST 10TH.

Now, as legend had it (actually not legend at all, we were there to #witness it live), Killer – as we’ll use for his/her anonymous nickname – a few years back, Tim’s freshman year to be exact, went on a streak of getting drunk for 40 straight nights in a row… And we all dubbed it his “DiMaggio Streak“.

Of course, this was dubbed after the legendary Yankee, Joe DiMaggio, and his consecutive hit streak of 56 straight games… Except we translated it to consecutive nights drinking. Naturally.

Okay, now I had mentioned Tim was a freshman when Killer did his DiMaggio Streak, and to Tim – that story was kinda just legend. It was folklore. A wive’s tale…

But that Labor Day Weekend, when we discovered he was already twenty-some days into the streak, Tim’s eyes lit up…

I’ll do it.

(If you were expecting a more exciting line, you don’t know Tim… a man of few words)

We made some simple rules, as Killer’s rules were that he got “drunk” during his streak of 40 nights, a feat that honestly is impossible to gauge Tim on, as his tolerance at the time was unreal… So we said very simply, 6 beers at least. Legally, it would make him drunk, we figured.

And off he went to continue this streak he accidentally found himself so deep in. And I swear there were days that he wanted to quit. He’d come home from school/practice/work/whatever, and grab a few beers out of the fridge (you’re welcome btw Tim…) and head off to do the last thing he had to do for the night – drink his six beers.

Now, he and I have talked about it since – and there is no doubting what I’m about to tell you – the man RARELY stopped at six… I by “rarely” I mean less than 10% of those days.

Think about it, what kind of PSYCHO is going to drink six beers, but not seven? And then pretty easily eight/nine/ten go down and all of a sudden, TIM DID IT AGAIN!!!

Image result for i did it again gif

So, yes, as a #witness to Tim, I can honestly say – he probably drank MORE THAN the “required” six beers on 90% of these nights… But let’s continue with the story.

At around maybe 40 straight nights, he was looking rough. Like he was just tired of this new life he was leading… and you could tell, he was miserable. I legit had to say to him – “Dude, Tim, listen… at the end of this, no one is giving you a prize. No one is going to shake your hand. You can stop this WHENEVER. No one is gonna care if you quit 40 days in either. There’s NO sense in doing this.

The response?

I can do it.

And folks, there you have it. THAT is how the man operates. I CAN do it, so I WILL do it.

He went through the entire month of September, and we have both spoke about this, the end really is shocking… a wedding weekend actually ended up being the killer of the streak! He went to 61 straight days!! The second weekend in October that year (October 11th actually, shoutout to our cousin) was the wedding. And the craziness of actually getting to Rhode Island for it was the reason for the end of his streak.


He legitimately knew there was no prize. He knew there was no reason. It was really simply a hurtle he saw that he thought he could jump over.

Image result for hurdle fail gif

Killer set the bar pretty high at 40 days straight, and before him, DiMaggio set it even higher at 56 (totally different “streak” but still…). Well, Tim saw what he wanted, and went and got it.

Strive for greatness in whatever you may do. Tim chose this life. You chose yours.



Producer Tim with All the Tales,