Can I just say this? The way the Yanks were allowed to “stagger” the Sanchez and Romine suspensions is total bullshit.

I am a Yankees fan but I just gotta say it.

For those of you who need some background… After the (awesome) fight between the Tigers and Yankees a couple weeks back, ultimately Austin Romine got a 1-game suspension and Gary Sanchez got a 3-game suspension. BUT they were able to say that Romine will serve his suspension on Sunday’s game, and then have Sanchez serve HIS on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (if memory serves me right). Now, these two were the only active catchers on the roster at the time, so YEAH, it’d be brutal if one of them couldn’t play.

I am #woke enough to realize two things: one, if that’s a MLB rule that you can stagger the suspension, then this decision to structure then this way was smart by the Yankees… You almost hurt yourself none. However, my second point – and point of this post – is the fact that it’s allowed is total bull shit.

They got in trouble and deserved to serve their punishments. Yes they both did things they had to (Romine stand up for himself, Sanchez defend his teammate), but you reap what you sow.

I almost feel like we didn’t get punished. I don’t know. Maybe my Catholic guilty conscience is taking over her, but this just didn’t seem right.

@MLB, I’m just suggesting you close this loophole from being taken advantage of, because this smells really fishy.