Much like the WAY MORE POPULAR Ketch Figures Out series, every so often there are things I think about and I really simply just ask people to #LetMeKno (throwback Marcus Vick reference) the answer…

Well, the other day we’re sitting around the content factory, and someone suggested going to see “It” – that movie about clowns… IN A THEATER.

Now, the thought of going to a theater for a movie seems archaic. You sit upright in a chair, it’s kinda chilly, you’re unable to move or stretch, you can’t pause the movie to go pee… I mean, right?!¬†RIGHT?!

Minus the big screen, I have no idea the upside is. Strangers’ reactions to the movie is an added¬†feature of going out to a theater, but I’m not sure I’d call that a positive thing.

For example, when you’re at the theater and people start laughing at the smallest thing… Grow up Peter Pan!

I don’t know, I guess I think the entire “Theater Industry” is just bullshit. I’m all about movies and watching them on TV or Netflix, but paying $10 for a couple hours to sit uncomfortably?

 gross michelle obama the tonight show eww GIF

Agreed! Thanks ‘Chelle!!

I am officially on a mission to make theaters NOT a thing anymore.



The War on Theaters Begins Now,