Over the weekend there was a really great amount of brainstorming going on at the HQ, but one genius idea stood out more than the rest. However, we’d need the right personality to pull this one off. We’re looking for a star.

The gig?

Reviewing toilet paper.

One wipe, everyone knows the rules…

Angel Soft, Charmin, Scott, Quilted, Cottonelle, etc… And then there are each’s one-, two-, maybe event three-ply action!

Image result for so much room for activities gif

The videos we’d want would be nothing too graphic, but you be the judge of what that means – you’d be the Executive Producer too!!

And then, after reviewing let’s say like 10 different brands, I think it’d be a no-brainer that brands who want to get their names out start sending us free TP at the HQ to try out and advertise.

I’m pretty sure it’s brilliant. If you’re interested, email your resume to watercoolersports12@gmail.com.

Qualifications: Men only (since women don’t poop); must have little to no shame; great personality that grabs the camera and leaves the audience begging for more; preferably attractive (obvi, all the rest of us are – so we’d want you to fit in); also it’d be preferable that you have a good looking friend group of girl friends and/or sister(s); have video editing skills – preferably experience in iMovie.

If you or someone you know might want this job, hit us up. If not, this is just a real simple teaser for what is on the horizon at Water Cooler Sports.



One Wipe, Everyone Knows the Rules,