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Wow, I really figured the next time we heard about Ted Cruz it would be in a “he’s gay” scandal, or “he inappropriately touched a kid SOMEONE he shouldn’t have” – but low and behold, I was wrong on BOTH accounts!

Ted Cruz was trending on Twitter this morning (aka the only way to get my attention) so I looked into it…

Evidently the former presidential hopeful was caught “liking” a scandalous post on Twitter:

Ted Cruz Liking Smut on Twitter.jpg

Now, let me go on record as saying I HATE this feature of Twitter… The fact that people can so easily see what other people are liking – ludicrous!! Same with Instagram. Waaaaaay too much exposure. Let people low-key like each other’s shit and be done with it. If crazy stalkers wanna see that you liked a post, let them do the hard work. A tab on your page of what you “Liked” is just too much big brother if you ask me.

That being said, he’s gotta know better.

Like, DUDE, go to a porn site if that’s what you’re looking for – there are a MILLION free ones!! Also, Teddy – why are you liking Twitter smut? Do you follow that account?

Also, why isn’t that being focused on more? Did he just stumble on this account and like this photo? Was he served this tweet as an ad due to his browser history? What is his browser history? Why isn’t he using in private browsing when he goes on porn sites?

There are PLENTY more questions to be asked here… So don’t worry, I’ll send Ted a DM and see if we can get him on a podcast.

Stay tuned, I’m sure this will go well.



You Cruz, You Lose,