Love this move.

It’s always been my dream to either get a billboard or fly an airplane with a message on it… and usually my dream’s messages are #h8r messages. Like trolling people. That’s always good clean fun.

So when I saw this, I like was like, “hell yeah, this guy is living out my dream.

Basically this guy Joseph McRae from San Diego is a huge Chargers fan that’s pissed the NFL moved his team to LA (which yes, in hindsight was a terrible move given LA didn’t even want them), so he went and started a GoFundMe, raised $10,000 and bought billboards to troll Goodell and the NFL.

The one featured above is one of FIVE he has purchased to have up near the new LA stadium for the next few weeks… and I just LOVE this move.

Now, to be fair, not too long ago I ripped Pats fans for trolling Goodell with the #OperationClownFace during last week’s NFL Opener at Foxborough, but that is totally different.

The reason I ripped them was that the thing Patriots fans are “pissed” about was YEARS ago… This just happened. The NFL just took the Chargers away from San Diego. That fan-base deserves their time in the spotlight to give it to Goodell and as a member of the media – I’m happy to do so.

If and when the next billboard is released, I will be ALL over it.

Listen, the Chargers shouldn’t have moved. The Raiders shouldn’t move. The Rams… well, did anyone even care when they did that? Just kidding, they shouldn’t have moved.

Just too much change too fast and I’m glad San Diego has banded together to rip the NFL for this one.

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Stay Classy San Diego,