Every so often a great idea strikes and I believe it could should WILL make billions.

Today, I’m going to share one with you one and all I ask is return is like a few million… That’s all.

So, I was recently told by a co-worker about the John Phone – an extremely simple phone that basically can ONLY make or receive calls.

 no what mark wahlberg no way GIF

Yup. That’s. IT.

No Instagram. No Facebook. No FaceTime. No Tweeting. No checking your fantasy app. No Bumble or Tinder. No podcasts. No Venmo. No Uber. No Shazam. No camera. No SnapChat dogs filters on your face… No SnapChat at all. No GroupMe. No email. No BitMoji. No Spoitfy. No Bleacher Report. No TEXTING.


(Worth nothing the John Phone costs 99.95 AND you gotta pay for the service [presumably like 1G?] to have a network for the damn thing!)

So I want to take this idea and take it a step further only to jack the price through the roof and get people to buy into it.

What would you pay to own a phone, and therefore a phone number, that worked forever THE REST OF YOUR LIFE… No ongoing charges!

One number, like (555) 696-1776 that for the rest of your life, in emergencies will 100% work. What is that worth to you?

I don’t know the logistics behind it per se, but imagine the market of like doomsday preppers, old people, etc who would rather pay one lump sum amount and NEVER have a bill again for a phone they own and not pay for the service of monthly.

At first I was like, I’d probably nothing… But then it hit me. This is something I’d OWN. That number is MINE. I don’t rent it.

It’d be an asset that forever more is yours and no one can take away from you, like a house or car that’s paid off… No ongoing bills (sort of – my examples were bad but you get it).

I’m thinking doomsday preppers are the target market and then probably like drug dealers. Like burners that you can have anyone else buy and I’d imagine are impossible to trace to you. Maybe people who want to be “off the grid“!

All I know is this retarded idea gained momentum quickly as the conversation went on and someone in this world should jump on this idea.

Buy this phone, own a working phone for life.



One & Done,