So I have to say, I never loved nor hated A-Rod. I get why people did both, I just didn’t care at that time of my life… Simple as that.

He cheated and used steroids (I think), but so did like 5,000 other people. He also hit a billion home runs and won a World Series for the Yankees. Also, he’s been an ELECTRIC sportscaster on Fox Sports alongside Pete Rose and Frank Thomas – I don’t care what the h8rs say on that one.

But this latest SnapChat of his that he found worthy of posting to Instagram was unbelievable…

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I want #icecream🍦#LALife

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A-Rod often gave me that, he’s TOO pretty vibe. Like I knew he probably wasn’t gay but he could also totally be gay… No doubt he DEFINITELY is a metro-sexual. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that! But this video… I mean…

The Hills the hills 1x02 come on GIF

Really just like the ultimate “hot chick wanting to get your attention with a filter” move by A-Rod here. And taking it FROM SnapChat, downloading it and putting it on Instagram…




A-Rod the OG Basic Betch,