This was brought to my attention last weekend and, in one of the greatest underdog stories of all time, my brain actually remembered to post it on a day he was pitching!!

I learned Masahiro Tanaka has a walk-out song that is so Asian it’s almost painful, but also hilarious at the same time…

Unbelievable! It’s like an Asian *NYSC song but also mixed with Yu Gi Oh, Gangnam Style and I don’t know, just other great stereotypical Asian things… And I for one am ALL IN on it!

The story behind it also is bizarre as shit… Evidently some girl band, not boy band – GIRL band, just made the song specifically for him since he’s like the biggest thing in Japan… probably bigger than Godzilla if I had to guess.

The band is called Momoiro Clover Z – which again, is just sooooo Asian it almost sounds made up. It’s a band of five women (YEAH) and their latest album hit “Platinum” status on the Japanese charts…

Let’s summarize: a band that is like the hottest freaking thing in Japan, comprised of five WOMEN, wrote/sang/produced a song for an athlete that left Japan to play in New York City, almost 7,000 miles away…

Banana-land doesn’t even start to describe this, but I love every bit of it. Here’s the full song and I can’t stop laughing.

Kings stay kings, and Asians stay Asian.



Get Ready Tanaka Time,