Back at it again in week 3, and your boy is still trying to recover from the epic game in South Bend last week, where I spent way more money than I care to admit, and drank more alcohol than I thought possible by any person on the planet (worth it though). 

Now on to this week, and even though this week doesn’t compare to the previous two on paper, we all know anything can happen in this crazy game. This week there are only a couple of top-25 matches, but you better believe these underdogs will be chomping at the bit for a huge upset.

That being said, here’s my preview for the biggest games, and the way that you should bet them:


Tennessee at Florida- 3:30 pm on CBS:

  • LINE: UF -4.5
    • Florida is in a down year according to all the pundits, and Tennessee broke the streak last year, so of course Tennessee will win right? Wrong.
    • This Florida defense is extremely good, and they will have weapons back that they didn’t have in their first matchup with Michigan (who is really really good, so I don’t fault Florida for losing. On top of this, Florida has had two weeks to figure out their quarterback situation and to get everyone on the same page. I see Florida winning against Tennessee, BUT I also don’t see them winning big, maybe by a field goal.
    • Because of this, even in the Swamp, I’m  taking Tennessee +4.5
  • FINAL BET: Tennessee +4.5


Clemson at Louisville- 8:00 pm on ABC:

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 12.08.41 PM.png

  • LINE: Clemson -3
    • I was told to always be wary of a ranked underdog at home. Truthfully you can bet Lamar is about to takeoff and dominate as he always does, BUT mark my words, Clemson will be able to keep pace. I think that this one will come down to a battle between Clemson’s dominant D-Line against Louisville’s O-Line (which better pray they can protect Lamar tonight), and I see Clemson winning that one.
    • Clemson will make the stop or two that is needed and their offense will keep pace. Because of this, they will win by a touchdown or so, and leave “the ville” with a win.
  • FINAL BET: Clemson -3


Kansas State at Vanderbilt- 7:30 on ESPNU:

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 12.11.56 PM

  • LINE: Kansas State -4
    • SEC. SEC. SEC. SE… ah who am I kidding? Vanderbilt doesn’t belong in the SEC, and I guarantee that Kansas State has more fans in Nashville tonight than Vanderbilt does. It feels so wrong but I’m DEFINITELY picking Kansas State. What’s even worse is that I am picking Kansas State without knowing much about them besides the fact they usually run the ball a good amount, which builds into Vanderbilt’s strength on defense… It doesn’t matter though, Vandy sucks. Picking KSU by 10.


Texas at USC- 8:30 pm on FOX:

  • LINE: USC -15.5
    • When I was a kid, these two met in one of, if not the, greatest championship games of all-time. I still get goosebumps thinking of Vince Young running that ball into the corner of the end zone on the 4th and 5. It was truly epic. But that was then, and this is now. Texas SUCKS now, they lost to MARYLAND. At home. That would have been unspeakable in previous years.
    • How about USC? They’re pretty damn good and have the top QB prospect in the country. USC will win this game easily, but I will admit it is great to see these two play again. Let’s hope Coach Herman can get Texas back to decency, and this matchup will be one that is repeated, because that will make this one to watch year after year after year.
  • FINAL BET: USC -15.5


There you have it. Kind of a slow week this weekend, but we all know that means nothing for college football. Something crazy is bound to happen, and I can’t wait to see it. As always, best of luck to your teams and your wallets!