I saw KD was trending on Twitter earlier today and was like, “Hmm… this could be fun. Let’s see what that cupcake bitch is up to now.

Evidently, KD has multiple Twitter accounts… which, hey, coming from a person with MANY Twitter accounts, I have no problem that.

Sometimes you need to separate your BeerFest promotional tweets, from your fake frat’s Total Frat Move-esque tweets, from your personal tweets, from your sports tweets, from your comedic, highly inappropriate tweets… Who knows, maybe even another account to separate your fake porn company’s tweets!! Honestly, some of your following is going to want to hear about BeerFest, but not sports – that’s FINE, that’s why they’re separate. Follow the one you want to hear from.

So yeah, I “get” having multiple Twitter handles. But here’s the thing: my Twitter handles rarely, if ever, interact… And I certainly never made one with the sole purpose to compliment the other… I mean, THAT would be said. Right? RIGHT?!

Well guess what everyone – THAT is exactly was Kevin Durant did!!

I know Mrs. McCallister… Just so sad!

Kevin Durant apparently has multiple Twitters who troll the commentors on his main Twitter, in order to defend himself.

Let me give you an example… The real Kevin Durant tweets out a picture of his new sneaker. A random person would reply to him and say something like, “hey nice cupcake sneakers you baby back bitch” and a fake Kevin Durant Twitter (ran by Kevin Durant) would reply to that rando and stand up for him(self).

Here’s the actual interaction:

So, Kevin Durant is standing up for Kevin Durant, but under the mask of a random name…

Really, this is just an all-time sad moment. KD is so soft that he had make up his own protection to defend himself.

What a weird fucking world we live in…



KD is #Triggered,