Yesterday, the rallying cry at the Water Cooler Sports HQ was “don’t let Monday’s ruin your Sunday’s” aaaaand we didn’t! However, an entire bottle of Mount Gay* rum later, we knew our Sunday was going to not just ruin, but absolutely obliterate our Monday… Oops!! #YOLOOOO!!!

But – as all great Americans do – we dusted ourselves off and were ready to punch the clock on this work week. So shout-out to us on that!!

Now, let’s get this week going the right way – the American way – by getting those National Anthem tunes running through our brains.

Why the Panthers-Bills game in particular this week? Because the term “the struggle is real” seems very fitting today and for those two teams yesterday, the struggle was VERY real (no touchdowns scored in the game for those of you keeping score at home).

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This week, we gotta give Ashley from Texas State a huge shout-out for this week’s Merica Monday pic. I highly suggest you give her the ol’ “Follow & Like” over at ashannpayne.

Do it. Now. Do it. Stop reading. Do it. Go on, follow her.

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Monday’s Need to Chill Out,


* = Very ironically it was Mount “Gay” rum, because we drank it all in Piña Colada’s… Hey, it’s 2017, guys can do that now!