(I don’t know if people are dubbing this “MayoGate” but if they aren’t, they can now… You’re welcome)

So what the hell is “MayoGate“? I’d say good question, but that would mean you didn’t read the Week 2 recap I posted earlier… Jk jk jk, totes jk!!

THIS is what I’m referring to:


Jacksonville fans, presumably delirious of being the ultimate after-thought in the NFL, decided, “Hey, look at Buffalo… They suck too but at least their fans have an awesome time! Let’s do THAT!!

…or so I thought!

Evidently there is more to the story than just some drunken asshole belly flopping into a pool full of mayonnaise (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d type).

No, this thing has layers. Check out this tweet from December of 2015, almost two years ago:

That’s a Jags fan holding up a jar of mayo with the Titans logo on it… Why? Fair question.

I mean I love this sort of fans trolling fans shit… But is that a thing? I think I would just say someone smells like shit. Not that they smell like a particular food!

(Also, side-note… If LSU fans do in fact smell like corndogs, I may just have to find myself some LSU fans to party with)

This insult war is great and all… But it’s absolutely RIDICULOUS and I can’t believe it dates back two years.



Titans Fans Smell Like Mayo,