We get it, you’re acrobatic.  Seriously, fuck this guy.  And yes, the only reason I’m saying “fuck this guy” is because I would have blown both my knees out the second I jumped on the first medicine ball.

It absolutely blows (no pun intended) my mind how people can stand or jump on medicine balls.  Trampolines, bouncy houses, all that shit, I can’t do it anymore.  Maybe I have my illustrious years as a bullpen catcher to blame.  That one year in college I was on the baseball team Those years and years of getting down to catch perfect games and no hitters finally took its toll.  Damn my inability to hit and make a career as a professional catcher so I could get knee surgery for free.

But alas, here I am, hating random 19 year old skiers from Switzerland in the middle of September.  Whatever though, he’s just a dumb kid.  Probably doesn’t even get to pay bills.  Loser.