While Donny was at the United Nation General Assembly, he basically put Kim Jong Un on notice (like he has 700 times before), but Trump did so with a little nickname thrown Kim Jong’s way…

…we will have no choice but to totally destroy N. Korea. Rocket Man is on a suicide mission.

Now, love the nickname rocket man… if Donny & I were in the backyard shooting the bull while playing bocce. I don’t LOVE it that he chose the UN General Assembly to unveil the nickname, but also I don’t care. Again, this narrative of “we’re going kick North Korea’s ass if they do anything” has been going on for a while now, so I don’t give a shit.

But you know who does give a shit?


So I took to Twitter and gathered all my favorite reactions in once place. Without further ado, #RocketMan Twitter:

Gotta love it. Twitter never fails.



Elton Must Be Proud,