A year ago around this time, we were talking about New York having a “super-team that could win 50+ games with the likes of Melo, KP, Rose, Noah and Courtney Lee, with Jennings and Lance Thomas coming off the bench… Aaaaand by December we knew, that was all Looney Tunes.

Yesterday, we heard Michael Beasley say that we can be a #5 or #6 seed playoff team and I don’t disagree one fucking bit. Here’s the full quote:

If Tim Hardaway Jr., Carmelo Anthony, Kristaps Porzingis and myself — those are four guys that can score 25 points per game. Then you add in Lance Thomas, Kyle O’Quinn and Joakim Noah, let’s not forget about that All Star… Do I see us better than a 30-win team that (the bookmakers have dubbed us)? Listen, I don’t even go to Vegas. So yeah, I do. I think we’re in a position to be not only a playoff team but a five, six-seed team if we do it right.”


But the key thing that makes his whole statement alright is the end – “if we do it right.

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Here’s how we gotta “do it right” and EASILY we’ll be a #5 or #6 in the East – if not BETTER!!

Let’s start with Melo. We know Melo will score like 25 per game and he’ll take 20 shots to do so. Offensively, I’m not going to spend a minute on. Melo needs to play defense. If he does THAT right, we should be good.

Kristaps “Ivan Drago” Porzingis needs to continue his already beautiful progression. He rebounds, he blocks shots, he shoots threes, he dunks, he cares… I just love this guy. Nothing he can do is wrong, so let’s not worry ourselves on KP.

Timmy Hardaway and Courtney Lee just need to make it fucking rain, like JR Smith and Steve Novak did back in the 2012-13 season. Catch and shoot offensively but hopefully just play better defense than Novak ever could (he was just too slow) or Smith ever did (well, he was just lazy). If those two do THAT right, we might be a #5 seed.

Ron Baker, Frank Ntilikina, Chasson Randle and Ramon Sessions… You want to know how any of our floor generals “do it right” this year? Just play defense and don’t turn the ball over offensively. Pretty simple. I don’t think we should be asking too much of these guys with the other weapons on the floor. Just don’t suck. THAT is how we’d “do it right” I’d imagine. Don’t suck.

On to Joakim Noah (it angers me just writing his name), I’d imagine if we didn’t play him, like at all, that’d be “doing it right” – he can be a lockerroom guy that we pay an exorbitant amount of money to but PLEASE, just keep THIS off the court:

Two of my favorites – Hernangomez and Kuzmiskas – just need to play THEIR brand of ball, and Hornacek needs to know when to play that card. Hernangomez is an anchor for that defense, but not every game do you need that. Sometimes you need to spread the floor offensively and he’s not your guy there, but sometimes you need a guy to clog up the middle. And that’s what he’s great at. Kuz on the other hand is, to me, just a shooter. He’s extremely soft and plays Euro ball. But he can shoot. So when we need that, plug this kid in.

KOQ & Lance Thomas, they just need to be their best selves. Come in, don’t try to do too much, just grind it out, do the dirty work and that should do it.

And lastly, we got Beasley. Michael Beasley who I forgot was even on the Knicks until he came out with this quote. Michael Beasley who SAID (didn’t really mean) he could score 25 points per game despite THESE being his career stats:

Michael Beasley Career Stats No Where NEAR 25 ppg

MICHAEL. BEASLEY. What we need from Beas is similar to these guys except I don’t expect him to do dirty work. He’s a good spell to Melo to make sure the offense has SOMEONE out there to do something. But we can’t have him trying to BE Melo and do too much. He doesn’t need to average 25 ppg, I don’t think he’ll get 10 shot attempts per game, but he’ll be the spark we need at times.

I don’t even know Dotson so I won’t comment, but we can hope for something amazing, why not?

And then it’s also on the media. If the media can maybe not do the whole “When does Melo get traded?” narrative, starting Day 1, THAT would be “doing it right“!! That sort of shit is NOT something a playoff team has hanging over their heads… And we are a playoff team, if it’s “done right.

They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results.

Then I am insane. Because I’m with Beasley – and I see playoffs.



29 Days until #KnicksSZN,