This morning I had heard on the radio one of the most shocking things I’ve heard in a long time: FAITH HILL IS FIFITY YEARS OLD. FIFTY. 50.

Now, this is so huge to me because Faith was one of the OG babes from my childhood as CMT was playing damn near 24/7 in the Taylor household. It blows my mind she that this chick (who still holds a special place in my heart)…

Faith Hill Breathe.jpg

…is now 50.

Now, maybe lots of people fell in love with her from her Sunday Night Football intro video – which let’s face it was FUEGOOOOO. But I’m an old school guy. Let’s just give her a classy gallery of pics/gifs to remember what a legend she really is!!

Faith Hill Jamming OutFaith Hill BikiniFaith Hill Breathe CountryFaith Hill in BedFaith Hill BabeFaith Hill hot momFaith Hill married to Tim McGraw CountryFaith Hill Country StarFaith Hill WOW

Sorry to get everyone all hot and bothered so early in the morning, but a GOAT like Faith needs a 50th birthday post. Absolutely none negotiable.