I just got word that Raul Mondesi, former MLB legend and PED user, got sentenced to eight years in a Dominican Republic prison for corruption and mishandling public funds while he was mayor of San Cristobal. Sad!

And while that sucks and all, hey, as they say – THAT’S POLITICS!! They’re all a bunch of crooks!! That’s why people voted Donny in – they were HOPING he wasn’t just another shitty politician (even while they knew¬†he wasn’t going to be super politically correct or “presidential”).

But let’s avoid that rabbit hole and get back to the topic at hand… The Dominican Republic has a law evidently that is prohibiting Mondesi from holding any public office in the country for the next 10 years…

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If you mishandled funds from your country (in his case $6 million), I’m pretty sure the people aren’t going to wait until you’re done serving your PRISON SENTENCE and then vote you right back in!! YOU STOLE AND DEFRAUDED THESE PEOPLE!!!

At what point in the Dominican Republic history, did they have to make this a law? HOW MANY TIMES DID THIS HAPPEN FOR IT TO BE A LAW?!?!

And I mean the fucking guy is supposed to be arrested for 8 of the 10 years anyway, it’s not like he’d be around to hold the public office until he’s out of jail… presumably at least.¬†Honestly, this law is making me think the Dominican Republic probably has a law for that too – “You can’t be in jail AND hold a public office.”

I think I’m madder about the law needing to exist than I am about Mondesi… But that is a dick move by him too I guess.



Stupid Stupid Laws,