Let’s call this Part IIĀ of what I hope is an ongoing “thing” all season long…

If you read Part I, you know that the San Diego Chargers fans felt slighted (rightfully so) and bought some billboards trolling Goodell and the Chargers’ ownership for leaving San Diego and moving to LA… Aaaand this week they aren’t taking their foot off the gas pedal!!

I saw this tweet from the guy responsible for it all this morning, and knew I had to share:

Last week, the billboards were around LA and created enough buzz that it reached me here in NYC. Now, flying a plane by the stadium with a sign shitting on the newly moved in LA owner is pretty awesome… So what are our (“our”) options? Let’s see…

LA Chargers Plane Flying Over Stadium Sign Vote.PNG

If you want to join in the vote (**cough cough** let’s get Eli up there **cough cough**) you can go here and join the process.

An A+ troll job just continuing on forever… well, hopefully.



Eli Manning was Right,