Ah yes, another Friday and another round of predictions. This has been a tough week for the members of the WCS HQ. Monday felt like a Friday, and wooooow did shit drag. Thank goodness we have great games this weekend. Lots of battles to create a foothold and get the gears cranking.

SPARKNOTES: City provides a slaughter; Man U continue to spread fire; Sp*rs party.


West Ham v. Tottenham
London Stadium, 7:30am
Sp*rs will cut through West Ham like a heated machete through butter. This will be a slaughter fest and you’ll be left saying the rosary for the death of West Ham. 47-0 Tottenham.

Burnley v. Huddersfield
Turf Moor, 10:00am
Huddersfield is sloooowly slipping down the table, but they can sneak some a goal or two by Burnley. If they pull this one off, they are legit. 1-0 Huddersfield.

Everton v. Bournemouth
Goodison Park, 10:00am
Everton’s really gotta step up their game. The Toffees have fallen to an abysmal 18th place. Bournemouth offers a good chance to scrounge a win together. 2-1 Everton.

Man City v. Crystal Palace
Ethiad, 10:00am
Yikes. Palace set the record last week for being the first team to not score a single goal in their first five games of the EPL season (you can probably guess this, but all defeats). 50,000 – 0 City.


Southampton v. Man U
St. Mary’s, 10:00am
Manchester is a very, very dangerous team. I expect them to cruise through a dilapidated Southampton. The Saints haven’t been very fluid thus far and this week won’t help. 2-0 United.

Swansea v. Watford
Liberty, 10:00am
This one is a bit of a doozie to pick, the classic best of the worst. The Swans will pull this one off because they got the players. Yes, they are all very young and will have struggles, but at some time it’s gotta work. 1-0 Swansea.

Stoke v. Chelsea (**play Game of Thrones theme song**)
Britannia, 10:00am
The stickers will need to keep their cool in an intense away game. Our defense will need to step up and show their metal in order to be successful. David Luiz is out with a red card, so now a key team leader for Chelsea is out of the line up. Could be a good one. 2-1 Chelsea.

Leicester v. Liverpool
King Power, 12:30pm
Liverpool are in a funk and Leicester are JV. Thus, this will be exciting. Liverpool’s back line is young and full of energy. The power of Klopp will get these guns in line and start a run. 2-0 Liverpool.


Brighton v. Newcastle
Falmer, 11:00am
So it turns out that one of my coworkers is from Brighton, and described the town as a nice little beachy town. So I guess I kinda like them now. 1-0 Brighton.



Arsenal v. West Brom
Emirates, 3:00pm
Upset special! Arsenal is going to have a wicked hangover from tying with our blues. West Brom picks up a much needed win to destroy Arsenals future season. 1-0 West Brom.



Friday’s are for Futbol,