On this day TWENTY THREE years ago, the show Friends premiered.

In the Taylor household, this show is huuuuuuuuge  (way too big for a house of men honestly). Life, I would bet the oldest Taylor and I have seen every episode at least three times. Probably unhealthy… Anyway, that’s not what this is about.

It’s weird this came up today because on Tuesday’s episode of After School Special podcast, Ketch talked about the “Monica versus Rachel” debate, so I wanted to bring it up again: Who’s hotter ON THE SHOW (not nowaways) – Monica or Rachel?

Ketch said on the podcast, that a lot of times he leans towards Monica… And I get that. I get that. Monica can cook. Monica loves to clean. She too is attractive. I get it. I GET it. Trust me, I get it. But also…

Rachel Green overalls Friends.jpg

Rachel Green Long HairRachel Green plaid skirt Friends

Rachel Green wavy hair.jpg

Rachel Green babe.png

rachel green hippie.jpg

rachel green knicks.jpg

So safe to say I think the argument is clear. Rachel in a landslide. I’d be open to debate Ketch on this any day. If you want to let him know your thoughts, hit him up at @WhatAKetchWCS on Twitter. He’ll clap back. I promise.

Again, I GET his side… It’s just… COME. ON.

 friends jennifer aniston rachel green friends tv GIF