It came out yesterday in Aaron Hernandez’ autopsy that he had Stage 3 CTE (yes, I don’t know what that means, neither do you, we’re not doctors, but it’s “bad“).

Then we get the news that Hernandez’ corner is suing the NFL because the CTE is what led him to be a psycho killer…

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He played 44 games in the NFL. He played 40 in college. Who knows how many he played in high school and earlier!!

Are you telling me they should pay too? Think none of the CTE stemmed from games at Florida? None from high school? How do we determine which of the playing levels is most responsible for the CTE? Maybe he got most of the brain damage in Pee Wee!! We gonna sue Pee Wee now?!

Also, let’s think first of the precedent it would set if Hernandez’ side of the lawsuit won… If the NFL is responsible for this (which it isn’t), and they have to pay – imagine the other industries we can, and maybe should, sue!

Take the tobacco industry for example… Two of my grandparents died from cancer, both smoked every damn day. You gonna tell me they deserve a settlement payment from cigarette companies because they smoked?

Let me answer that: HELL NO!!! Because they CHOSE to smoke, just like Aaron CHOSE to play football. He chose that career (and, oh by the way, made $11.2M during his three year career).

Nobody wants to take accountability nowadays and it’s bullshit. Listen, Aaron was a shithead. He did tons of drugs and was a murderer. That’s it. Game over.

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Freakout Friday,