After an extremely politically charged weekend of football, I think I’m going to take baby steps and have us all agree on something

Stand, kneel, sit, dab, plank… whatever. Everyone seems to have a message. We have the freedom of speech, right to peaceful protest, etc. I get it.

But can we all agree what Shady did was bullshit?


What fucking message was that? That he couldn’t be bothered? Kneeling was done with attention at least. Stretching though and paying no attention? What the fuck…

Fuck Shady! That’s all I know everyone should agree on.

Ok, I fell right into the trap and talked politics. Fuck.ย Dust myself off and try again*.

Let’s get to it.

This week let’s head to the scene of it all, Buffalo, NY for this week’s national anthem. So please stand/kneel/sit at attention, just don’t be Shady.

Boom. Especially after a weekend like we had, that was nice.

Shoutout this weeke to Kailin from Miami. Holy smoke. Give her a follow at kailin.b and like away. Do it for America.

Love it. I’m exhausted and today is going to be a struggle.



Rock, Flag & Eagle,



* = Yup, that’s a Destiny’s Child reference.