For me, this weekend, Alumni Weekend, was meant to be a simple trip to Syracuse, NY where I’d hang with the boys all day, swap stories of the glory days and hammer 7,000 Busch Lights. Instead, I get this notification from Bleacher Report and my brain is sent to LaLa-land (no pun intended)…

Now, my immediate reaction was… Okay, deep breathes, who did OKC even have to trade after they gave up Oladipo and Sabonis (two young guys I really liked) for Paul George?? Maybe Steven Adams? I don’t even know if I’d be alright with him. Oh, and Doug McBuckets! He’d be a funny kicker to a trade!! Kind of an accessory to the fact, right? Oh, and picks. We need picks.

…well, we didn’t get Adams. And we got ONE 2nd round pick. We got Enes Kanter, and McDermott. Honestly, Dougie ends up being the guy I like best in our return.

Not great. I immediately organized a press conference (shown below) to help the fans know where I was at. It was a really tough one to handle.

So here we are. We basically dumped Carmelo for nothing. I don’t expect to see Kanter/McDermott play much. Enes, on a team where we should be developing Hernangomez, doesn’t seem like much of anything. McDermott excites me sometimes, and when he was in college I was a HUGE fan, but I watched him play in the NBA and didn’t think he makes much sense at this level.

And listen, we knew the Melo era was ending. We all knew it. After this year, he was as good as gone and we certainly weren’t contending this year – so why not get SOMETHING for him. So I get that had to be done.

It took some time and thought to arrive at this, but I think the below is a really fair reaction to what just happened…

Melo was here for what? 7 years? And only once did I ever think we were good… Like legitimately GOOD, but that team had a TON of other leaders – Jason Kidd, Rasheed Wallace, Tyson Chandler, Kenyon Martin, Amare Stoudemire, etc… And yes, Melo. But he didn’t have to LEAD. He was there to play, and others could lead. Others could inspire. Melo was never going to be our leader, and unfortunately, we were going to suck until we either got ourselves another leader… We tried time and time again, but no one was coming to New York. The Melo experiment failed.

And yes, I will miss Melo a lot. I was excited when his Knicks career started… I can still remember shotgunning a beer as “I’m Coming Home” was playing as he walked on the court for the first time. I get chills thinking about it now… I was at the Garden for his 62-point game in 2014. The man, when he was on, was ON. He was fun to watch, when he was having fun. But he wasn’t having fun anymore, and that sucks.

But I’m also not blinded by my love for the Knicks. I was disappointed a lot in between. There were a lot of games that he didn’t seem like he cared to dive for a loose ball. There were games I wanted him to call players out and get them going. I really had to imagine players would’ve listen if he talked. He didn’t. And he wasn’t going to. That’s just not his brand.

Now, I believe his value in OKC will be HUGE. He plays well when he has the same level talent on his team holding him accountable. Syracuse Melo, Team USA Melo, the 2012-13 Knicks… These were successful programs/teams and Melo was a stud on the court. Alongside Russ and George, he’s going to elevate his game. His numbers won’t be the same (and they won’t have to be), but he’ll win games and that will make Melo happy.

I wish it didn’t have to end this way, but I’m excited to see a Knicks team with new energy. Also, Melo, all is forgiven if you, Russ and George go out there and take down the Warriors.





P.S. Enes Kanter looks so defeated in his post trade video (below), going from a team with George/Russ to New York. Boy, I can’t wait for this fucking guy…