Let’s get to it. Week 3 of the NFL was absolutely AWESOME. Great endings, some great games, upsets, shockers, controversy, we had it all… A+ week from our boys on the gridiron.


Rams 41, 49ers 39
Thursday night was a game I expected to be pretty low scoring ended up a shootout. Also, really shocked that the Jared Goff Ram’s offense is beyond #LIT.

Bills 26, Broncos 16
Circle the wagons baby!! Bills Mafia protected their turf as they took down Denver. Pretty sure Buffalo will burn itself down if they continue to win games like this…

Eagles 27, Giants 24
Well, the Giants offense is “back” – I guess? But too little too late, losing on a 61-yard field goal. THAT¬†was a bummer. 0-3 for a team that was supposed to be good is rough. Sad!

Jaguars 44, Ravens 7
The Jags played their fifth game in London since 2013 and are on a 3-game win streak over there after SHITTING on the Ravens yesterday. Not that it matters cuz they suck when in the states, but still… A wild Sunday morning game that basically no one saw because it wasn’t on TV.

Bears 23, Steelers 17
Well, I didn’t see this result coming! The two things I took away from this game – Villaneuva has some balls to be the only Steeler NOT to stay in the lockerroom for the anthem… Maybe takes more balls to do what he did… Aaaaand Jordan Howard finally showed up (138 yards, 2 TDs) like all his fantasy owners were hoping.

Colts 31, Browns 28
Colts won the early season Toilet Bowl but, hey, at least it was close!

Vikings 34, Buccaneers 17
Is Case Keenum elite?

Patriots 36, Texans 33
This game was awesome. Loved seeing the Pats even ALMOST get beat by Houston. If you’re a Texans fan, you gotta be excited you were even close with a rookie QB against New England.

Jets 20, Dolphins 6
Sad to see that Smokin’ Jay Cutler couldn’t keep the Dolphins atop the AFC East. Also, Jets… what?!

Saints 34, Panthers 13
I was expecting 100 points scored here but evidently only New Orleans got that memo. Carolina’s offense is a struggle (…says the Giants fan).

Titans 33, Seahawks 27
Richard Sherman is a dick (see below). I wish Tennessee just obliterated him on the sideline… I guess winning they got the last laugh.

Packers 27, Bengals 24
This was a SICK end. Big Fudge had some money on this one, and Aaron Rodgers stepped up. He is actually so clam all the time, I wish I was that cool. Packers keep the Bengals winless.

Falcons 30, Lions 26
The two best shows on turf squared off, and this time Frat Stafford was taken down by Matty Ice… Who, fun fact, back in high school hazed Tank Chesney – our WCS business correspondent. People forget.

Chiefs 24, Chargers 10
Are the Chiefs the best team in football?

Redskins 27, Raiders 10
Disappointing showing from the Raiders here. Cooper dropped like 50 passes if memory serves me right, so he should probably figure that the fuck out.



And there we go, 509 words and you’re all caught up to take on the Monday water cooler NFL talk.



Football is BACK,