For Chargers owner Dean Spanos, 0-3 is bad; 0-3 in a new city is worse; and 0-3 in a new city that doesn’t even care enough to go to your games is just insane.

And the San Diego fans who had their team stolen from them? THEY may deliver Spanos his worst defeat… They seem to be getting it in the NFL’s head that the Chargers should go back.

I don’t know the logistics behind it, but San Diego fans have made their voice heard that they want their team back, and at this point I think they may have a solid case.

The hashtag “#SpanosSucks” was trending on Twitter yesterday. There is national media coverage saying they should go back. Even the mayor of LA said they didn’t want the Chargers!

This is absolutely crazytown. I can’t believe it. This underdog story of fans rising up and telling the rich owners that they fucked up… And at this point, it seems it’s possible the San Diego fans may actually win this thing.

I’m all in on this, let’s get San Diego their team back.



Make San Diego Bolt Again,