I imagine quite a few things have to go right if, like me, you want the Chargers to move back to San Diego. So I wanted to draw up a quick three-step process as to how I think it actually could happen.

The first (and you can check this one off the list) they have to blow any & all expectations. They need to suck in LA. Their preseason over/under was 7.5 wins, and right now with a 0-3 start, they’re certainly on their way. Right now the adjusted win/loss projection is 5.5 and it’s tough to see where they even get that in the gauntlet that is the AFC West (this all according to MyTopSportsbooks).

So odds are, yeah, they’re gonna suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. That much seems clear.

Next, the media needs to destroy them. From local new stations, to Colin Cowherd on The Herd, to Los Angeles’ own mayor saying they’d be better off with only one team, the “bad optic” is certainly there… Even if you think you avoid regular modes of media and stare in the clouds all day, it’ll find you:

And lastly, the NFL needs to get hit where it hurts… LA can’t buy into it. It seems, at least attendance-wise, that has been happening. The StubHub Stadium can hold a 30,000 capacity crowd. The opener sold 25,381. And I saw a sellout” was announced for this weekend’s game at 25,386 (which really makes you think).

I’ve been going to Giants’ games for about 20 years, I can promise you one thing – a team that sucks is going to start seeing less and less people come and it is REALLY shitty. And the team I’ve seen that happen to, has had a loyal fanbase for 90 years, not one that’s been there for a nano-second.

Even jersey sales for the Chargers look bleak. Not a single Charger in the Top 50? Rough. So you’d have to imagine financially, this is rough.

I think this campaign against Chargers owner Dean Spanos can actually work, and if it does, it’d be one of the greatest underdog stories in sports.

Think about that 30 for 30: “A fan-base that won back its team.”