Everyone loves free money. And everyone hates annoying robot phone calls… So let’s screw one of those companies the best we can, right!? RIGHT?!

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Over the weekend I learned about this settlement of some robo-calling company that inappropriately bought a list of phone numbers (or something like that) and from 2009-2014 were calling offering a “Free Cruise” or some shit like that… I don’t exactly know, I’m not a lawyer.

Anyways, here’s the basics of how it works and it’s incredibly simple: go to this website, click the third option (to file online), and put in your cell phone number. If it shows up as a number that was on the eligible list, you should receive a settlement payment. If not, they’ll say the number wasn’t eligible (sorry).

How much could you get?

Excellent question person who worked really hard by reading this blog to receive free money, you don’t want to go through ALL THIS TROUBLE and get a check for $4.34 in the mail. According to the Settlement Administrator, for each call you received (with a max of 3 calls) you would receive up to $300. So if they determined you received three calls, that’s $900.

I filed my number, it worked, so I figured at least $300, potentially more if I got more calls.

(**Now, I’m not a dumbass – I know the lawyers will take fees out. I don’t care. I hate telemarketers. Fuck them. Let’s make some money people!!!**)



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P.S. If you’re eligible, I’m not telling you to throw Water Cooler Sports some bones for a finders fee, but maybe you should… I don’t know, that’s up to you. Or maybe just buy shit from the Shop.