Michael Beasley has said in the past that the Knicks will be a #5 or #6 seed in the East this year, and sure, that was “crazy” – but he took things to a difference stratosphere today…

In an SNY interview, Michael Beasley is trying to get intellectual with reporter Taylor Rooks talking about how as humans we only use 10% of our brains… But he questions how we know that – who was the one to use 11% in order to determine that?!


Poor Taylor Rooks was interviewing an absolute lunatic and trying to convince him of how ridiculous he sounds!!

Amazing. I literally have loved Ron Baker unconditionally, but he is on the hot seat because Beasley might be the new GOAT in New York.



New York Basketball is Back,


P.S. If you are looking where you (too) can get that sweatshirt: Fair Folks and a Goat. All I know is Beasley is the “goat in New York.”