Well, here we are… September 27! And we know a couple things for sure. Worst Case Scenario: the Yanks are hosting the Wild Card do-or-die game… Best Case: we witness one of the most epic late-September collapses of our time, and New York wins the AL East pennant.

The only thing I want to say about the Worst Case Scenario┬áis in April, if you told me we’d be hosting that AL Wild Card Game, I’d sign up for that right away… So starting this thing off, what a fucking season to be where we are right now!

On to the Best Case Scenario, and why it is shockingly possible to actually happen.

Below are the Yanks (right) & Sox (left) remaining schedules:

Alright Taylor, that’s still only five games to erase a three game lead… No shot!!

True, buuuuuut if we tie Boston we’ll host them in basically a one-game “winner take all” AL East Championship Game (which would be #LIT AF btw). And HERE is how we’re going to do it…

No Nick! We don’t have to do that this time…

The Sox have already lost two straight to the Blue Jays, and while it’s not SUPER likely they’ll be swept, that has played a huge role in putting the Yanks in striking distance. Will the Sox lose tonight? Likely not, but whatever they do – the Yanks needs to do as well. Certainly can’t lose a game, because the next 4 game set for Boston is HUGE for New York.

Now in my last writeup about this, I said the trouble may come down to Houston not needing to win games if they were cemented in their playoff position… However, Houston is only a game behind Cleveland for the top spot AND home field advantage in the AL. That’s huge. Houston has something to play for at least, so Boston should have its hands full.

On the flip side – during that same stretch – the Yankees have Tampa for 1 game and Toronto for 3 games to finish the year. Those teams are out of contention, so what do they have to play for besides pride? Might as well get some young guys some experience, right? Winning doesn’t REALLY matter, right? RIGHT?!

I’m telling you, I’m not saying we win the next 5 – but the opportunity is there and this is a really exciting time for Yankees fans. I’m jazzed up just thinking about it.

These next 5 days are huge, but I could not be more upbeat about a team down 3 with only 5 to go!!!



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