With four games left and New York down three games to Boston, things may look bleak. But sometimes when times are tough, and we need a miracle – sometimes we look to God’s littlest gifts…

Okay, maybe not a midget technically but we need a miracle from Houston – and that could very well come from Aaron Judge’s current AL rival, FIVE FOOT SIX, Jose Altuve.

With Sonny Gray on the bump against Jake Faria (who hasn’t started a game in over a month), I feel pretty good about the game in the Bronx. So long as the team (does what it never does and) gives Sonny Gray some run support, the Yankees could be a game closer to the pennant. Why am I so confident there?

Well, up in Boston, the pitching matchup is Brad Peacock vs Eduardo Rodriguez… which also warms my loins. Peacock is 12-2 with a 2.98 ERA.

But you gotta hit to win. So ironically, the Yanks need BOTH MVP candidates to crush it today.

I’ve been thinking about it long and hard (so hard) and I think I’d trade Judge’s AL MVP for the AL East title.

So let’s go little guy! Ship up to Boston and help us to a pennant!!!



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