Ahhhh Thursday nights… The unofficial start to the weekend. The “poor man’s Friday.” One of the more underrated days of the week (definitely Top 5).

Nothing better than knowing your week is almost over, and you’re SO CLOSE to sitting around your house, being lazy as shit, ordering out, drinking beer and watching football.

And in just a few days, we’ll have Sunday Night Football between Seattle and Indy, and it is going to be #LIT!!

I’m not selling you that the game is going to be nuts – though I want to be the first to say Jacoby Brissett is winning this game.

No. I’m here to sell you on something that will happen before the game ever kicks off… NOT the National Anthem – I think we’ve all heard enough on that!!

What is Sunday’s main attraction?


Now, for the last ten years or so, I have hated on Chris Collinsworth. When he entered as the new commentator voice in Madden, replacing legendary John Madden, – I was NOT feeling him. He talks too much, he’s just really annoying. I know I sound like a teenage girl but he is. He’s just annoying.

He started his uphill climb last fall when he put Bill Simmons in a bodybag with one of the greatest tweets of all time…

Collinsworth Simmons Tweet.png

The thing is though, one small tweet isn’t going to change my opinion of ol’ Chris. So the hate lingered.

Then then our good friend, and brother, Ketch introduced a new “thing” – rating Collinsworth’s entrances.

Basically, what these game producers have been doing is letting Tirico or Al Michaels open with some words and then zoom out as Chris slides into the picture. It really has catapulted into one of my favorite things on Twitter.

Here’s a couple examples of how Chris has fared thus far in 2017 according to Ketch…

After a 5.16, I am VERY much looking forward to see how Collinsworth bounces back this week.



I May Hate You But Goddamnit Do I Repect You,