Another week in the books, and it happened to be a nice little bounce back week. Overall we went 4-2, but more importantly the two plays I was very heavy on were winners (Dallas & Kansas City). Even with a loser on the Car & Savings, if you bet the Farm & House, you can easily replace both of those minor things.

You basically went from a Chevy Cruze to now driving a Tesla (which my Uber driver this weekend did, and tried to convince me that made ANY sense at all…), and your savings account most likely is 5x larger now, all the while enjoying a nice dinner at Burger King thanks to those glorious Buffalo Bills.

Now that we are couple of weeks in, the trends are starting to show. This is going to be a tough week for most people, because there are not a lot of lopsided matchups like there were in the first 2 weeks. Call me crazy, but I like it… So in the words of the infamous Ryan “ConeyDog” Mahoney from alumni weekend at the LeMoyne Baseball golf tournament, “Now we go boys!!

Overall Record: 9-5


Steelers Villanueva Steelers Lockerroom for National Anthem People Forget.jpg

STEELERS: Pick to Win
Last week they never left the locker room, and they got what they deserved. A disasterous loss to the “Bad News Chicago Bears” (who got whooped on Thursday; you’re welcome if you took my pick btw). They will come out of the locker room, stand at attention & honor this great country… whiiiiich will follow with a HUGE win over a lousy Ravens team.


AJ Green about to whoop the browns.jpg

BENGALS: Pick to Win
I know the Bengals have found every way to lose this year. I just think it is their week to right the ship. The Browns don’t impress me at all, and AJ Green is due for a huge game.


sad jets fans.jpg

I am fan of this Jacksonville team. They finally have a running game, which takes a whole lot of pressure off of Blake Bortles. That is the exact thing he needed, and it is showing this year. The Jets are, well, the Jets. I don’t know how else to put it. Is it time to bring back SEXY REXY and the SANCHIZE???


Buffalo Bills Defense Bills Mafia Circle the Wagons.jpg

BUFFALO/ATLANTA: Under 48.5, but Buy the Half Point to 49
Buffalo has a very good defense this year, and should at least slow down the Falcons attack. If they can get pressure to Matt Ryan, they have an honest chance of winning the game (coming from a very unbiased perspective). I see this as a 24-21 or 27-20 game. BOTH winners for the under, and both cover the spread for the Bills… feeling lucky???



KANSAS CITY: -6.5; buy half point
Let’s face it. The chiefs are the fast, and Alex Smith has finally been unleashed to throw the ball down field, after being in the league for over 10 years. I like KC a lot, they have a veteran QB, they have speed, they have young talent, and they have a defense. That’s a recipe for success at any level. The Redskins are not as good as they think they are. They have a lousy running game, and Kirk Cousins is just Kirk Cousins. He isn’t good enough to do it himself. Bet the Chiefs and enjoy a dinner, I recommend the Tendercrisp meal with a dr. pepper… Large.


should you trust your gut

NEW ORLEANS: -3, NEW ENGLAND: -8 (buy a point)
Not much more to say here. Saints should be able to cover a three point win over Smokin’ Jay Cutler! And the Panthers have done nothing offensively to scare me against thinking the Pats won’t easily cover here.



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