Coming in HOT this weekend as Wazzu and USC already have us an EPIC game to kick off a Friday night, and your boy went a MEAN 5-1 in gambling last weekend  not to mention it is actually starting to feel like fall outside and is t hot as BALLS for the millionth weekend in a row, so IM HYPED

That being said this weekend’s slate is sure to continue to give us those same types of amazing games like we saw last night. So enough small talk, let’s get into this week’s games:

Georgia at Tennessee – 3:30 on CBS


LINE: Georgia -8.5

  • Nothing scares me more than a Tennessee team with nothing to lose, because if this rivalry has taught me anything over the years it’s that you can throw the records out when these two teams play. In addition, the WCS head quarters has decided to jump on ole Rocky Top’s dick, and we Fromm is about to see his first taste of playing in a hostile SEC environment. Does all that have me shook? FUCK NO. Dawgs on top.
  • FINAL BET: UGA -8.5

Mississippi State at Auburn – 6:30 on ESPN

LINE: Auburn -7.5

  • Auburns D has been an amazing specimen this whole year, and I think they can get their offense on track with a spark to their running game, but today at -7.5? Not so fast my friend *Corso voice*. I think Auburn will win, but MS State will come out with something to prove after their DRUBBING from the real Dawgs last week and will keep this one close.
  • FINAL BET: MS State +7.5

Clemson at VA Tech – 8:00 on ABC

  • LINE: Clemson -7.5
    This Clemson team came out and proved themselves tenfold against Louisville and I fully expect them to do it again this week. Their defense is so damn good with that front line of MONSTERS, and they are so explosive on offense. While VA Tech is a very good football team, I have Clemson winning by 10.
  • FINAL BET: Clemson -7.5

Ole Miss at Alabama – 9:00 on ESPN


LINE: Bama -28

  • Every year in recent memory this has been a BATTLE of a game that, oddly enough, Bama has lost a good amount of times. This year things are a bit different, Ole Miss is looking pitiful without Hugh “Where Da Hoes At?” Freeze, and Saban’s crew is starting to flex their muscles. I have full faith in Bama crushing the Rebel’s souls in this one. Don’t worry though Ole Miss fans, it’s not like you’ll even have a football program after the death penalty is handed down by the NCAA.
  • FINAL BET: Bama -28

There you have it, as always best of luck to all of y’all and your wallets. No go watch some football!