Latrell Spreewell. JR Smith. Michael Beasley.

Somehow three of my favorites Knicks all-time… somehow all #8.

They all kinda appeal to me on different levels and especially at different times in my life.

Take Spree for example. He had that hood rat approach to life that, as a kid, I both feared and respected. He seemed like a junkyard dog that would bite your fucking head off if you crossed him and I just loved every second of it.

JR was very different. Hood? Yes. Hoodrat? No. He just seemed like he had the most talent in the world, knew it, didn’t want to work and, hey, that was okayyyyy with him (summary of my college career)… He was always just like your stoner burnout kinda guy who happens to be REALLY REALLY good at what he did (shoot reckless shots).

And then recently I saw Beas took the #8 and I was like, “Yup, that makes perfect sense.” Talent up the wazoo, seems like a total idiot, shady past… He already has like 100 soundbites since becoming a Knick. I’m not even joking (and I am fully expecting to be let down buuuut), I NEED this guy to live up to the self-imposed hype.

At this point in the Knicks franchise, my expectations couldn’t be lower, so him coming in and lifting my spirits, even if just delusionally – is awesome.

Adn today, Beas came out saying he “talent-wise” can run with the likes of KD and Lebron

uhh creeped animated GIF

Seriously, I don’t even know if he’s kidding anymore but it’s hilarious. This guy is a maniac! And you know what? You GOTTA have confidence in yourself if you’re going to be great.

Well… We can check that one off the fucking list cuz he has that in SPADES!!

Beas, I am so excited to have you aboard. You’re already my favorite player on the team and I haven’t even watched a minute of you.

This may be the greatest year for #8 and the Knicks!



Go New York Go New York Go,