Reeeeal simple. I’m not politicizing anything today. Yesterday’s events were really sad.

I love America, and I hope so do you (otherwise you’re free to read any other blog on the internet). Today, let’s just stand and give it up for the anthem of the Red, White & Blue.

Today we got Lauren Duski (from the Voice) with a KILLER rendition before yesterday’s game between the Panthers and Pats… followed by a flyover πŸ›©πŸ›©.

Love it. 100 yards, pylon to pylon of Merica baby followed by a flyover?? Truck yeah!!

This week we have ourselves Zoe from Las Vegas. She’s been one of the best follows if we’re being honest. Go ahead and follow Zoe at thezoebaron and just make those ❀’s appear and spread the love.

Sincerely, prayers up to all those effected by yesterday’s massacre in Vegas. What is going on in this world?!



Merica – Love it or Leave it,