Do you know what today is?

Okay, wow, yes… That was TOO easy. Thanks Mean Girls!!

Yes, it is October 3rd, but it’s also the last full month before Movember.

Movember, the month where Water Cooler Sports cranks the dial up to 11 when it comes to fund raising for murdering cancer and growing sweet upper lip sweaters.

And why? Because we, along with everyone else on the planet, fucking HATE cancer and are on a warpath to take it out once and for all. Even before this year kicked off, we ran our own little Movember fundraiser at the Water Cooler Sports Open back in June, raising $884 in one beautiful big check:

Movember Check Water Cooler Sports Open

And (here comes humble brag) as of last week, put our team “Let’s Make Mustaches Great Again” at #3 in the NATION for Movember fundraising!

Movember Leaderboard Water Cooler Sports.png


This year I’m open to suggestions for whatever it takes to raise more in our quest to bend cancer right over… What does that exactly mean?

You want me to shotgun a beer on demand*? That’s easy… for a $5 donation!!

You want me to 7pm Friday Night Facebook Live from Mulrooney’s and crush three RBV’s before the video is over? DONE. But that’s a $25 donation.

You want me to run a beer mile in under 15 minutes wearing a giraffe onesie? Easy! I’ll do that too, but it’ll cost ya. A $50 donation. BOOM.

I am ALL IN on Movember this year. Let’s get after it!!



Forget Winter… Movember is Coming!!



* = Provided a can of beer is available.