I came into work early today so Producer Tim and I could get some breakfast before his FDNY fire test (good luck btw brother!)… but let me be VERY clear about something, that has NOT translated to more work actually getting done… In fact, not even close. Instead, it really just translated into reading anything and everything about tonight’s game and causing the butterflies in my stomach to procreate like rabbits it seem over what’s about to unfold.

One of the things I read (that I thought was absolutely awesome) was today’s Player’s Tribune article from Todd Frazier. A quick blurb of it that caught my eye was his description of the Yanks’ clubhouse:

Here, let me take you inside.

Alright, so you walk in and the first thing you hear is Latin music. Even if you don’t know the words, you feel the rhythm. Starlin Castro is acting as DJ, most likely. To your left you see CC and Dellin. They’re chillin’, talking about what it’s like to be tall or something. To your right, Masa is working on his English, poring over his books and taking notes. The young guys — Judge, Gary, Toe, Clint Frazier — are packed together, scrolling through Instagram looking at what the new “cool” outfits are, and what hot new music is out (or whatever it is young people do on Instagram). And then there’s me, Didi and Ells just sitting back and cracking jokes and watching SportsCenter.

It’s the perfect description of how fun this team has been.

This team – the bats, the arms – is just AWESOME.

Proudly (or sadly) I think I’ve watched somewhere north of triple digits in the number of Yankees games this year, and through the up’s and the down’s, it really has been fun. That fun that Frazier was talking about in the clubhouse, absolutely translates to the field… And from the field to us watching it.

For the batters… From Starlin and Didi being the coolest most consistent guys on the team; to Torreyes, our Swiss army knife, with a MOTOR on every play; to the Judge and Sanchez MOONSHOTS; the epic Romine/Cabrera fight; the wily vets like Gardner and Ells who still run with the best of em; to really pleasant surprises like Hicks and Clint (whose absolute cannon of an arm cannot go overlooked); and yes, even to the red hot guys like Headley, who had stunk it up so bad earlier in the year I thought my head was going to explode… This team is really a team I love.

Then the starting pitching… Tanaka & CC – the “oldies but goodies” – CC had stuff this year that was absolutely beautiful to watch – I can remember watching games back in April with Slick Willy and the Big Boy was on the mound just throwing dimes – the guy is a stallion! Then Sevy and Pineda (#RIP) throwing HEAT – and Sevy making the All-Star game! And then the young gun Jordan Montgomery… I liken him to everyone’s younger brother (the Turkey as Didi would refer to him) has had some stellar outings too. And at the deadline, acquiring Sonny Gray, a guy who genuinely seems like such a good dude and who will be around a while. The pitchers are EASY to root for.

And lastly the pen… I loved what we had here from Day 1: Betances in the 8th, Chapman (back) in the 9th. And the development of Chad Green was probably my favorite story all year, just a total stud! Adding two more strikeout kings at the deadline in Robertson and Kahnle. I swear, I know I love our starters and all, but this pen I love more than anything (NOTE: Betances/Chapman can and will drive me nuts, but they’re like that hot chick that’s crazy so you just go with it… yeah, they’re THAT hot).

Yankees, it’s been a wild ride. Just to get here, to be here with a one game do-or-die playoff in front of us, is pretty fucking exciting.

Just a few more hours to the biggest game of the Yanks season. Let’s get it boys!!

Yankees Thumbs Down Meme WILD CARD BABY.jpg



Let’s Go Yanks,


P.S. SnapChat shotguns for the Wild Card at 8pm. See you there (username: w-csports).