Guys, I get that we traded Melo for basically nothing. I get that we are stuck in a marriage with Joakim Noah for 3 more years even though he couldn’t make a free throw to save his life. And I know that we have only the rants of a lunatic (who I love, for the record) to give us positive vibes going into 2017…

But this subway campaign is a little much:

I saw a tweet from Darren Rovell this morning and while it is hysterical that some angry Knicks fan did this… It’s also just too much.

Guys, let’s give our young guns a chance. KP now has a chance to be his own man, on HIS¬†own team. THJ is back, again – without Melo. Hornacek can run his team the way HE wants. I mean shit… Even Beasley could pan out (maybe not score 25 ppg, but still)!!

Hopeless” is not what we are.

Fuck right off whoever did this.



#5 Seed Baby!!