If you thought for one freaking second that Austin Rogers wasn’t the “People’s Champ” – last night he proved you wrong… WAY wrong.

How?” you may be asking.

Well, for starters he basically gave the old “school’s for fools” kinda line early on when Trebeck asked him how he got to be so smart…

…so that was great.

On a real note regarding the game itself, last night he got a nice little challenge from the sexy older woman teacher lady Amy. But when it came down to it, our real life Nick Miller brought his A game.

In final jeopardy, Austin had $35,000 and Amy had $18,600 (or something like that). Basically she had to risk everything to catch him, so he was in the driver seat. However, Austin is a bartender, works for tips and VERY LIKELY just wanted to make the fans smile.

So, if you’re Austin, how much do you risk when the next closest person, even if they double up can only pass you by $2,200? Maybe just bet $2,201 and ensure you win, right? RIGHT?!

Image result for trump wrong gif

Austin is always three steps ahead of us and that hilarious NYC bartender decided to make me, Gronk and everyone who has ANY sense of humor laugh… The dude bet $34k so his grand total for the night would be…


GREAT work Austin! I imagine tonight you’ll aim to get your grand total winning to $318,008 so when I turn the picture I inevitably take of you upside down, it spells “BOOBIE$”!!

At 7pm, we got him taking on a Library Director (BORING!) and a Big J (journalist)… Let’s make it seven straight Austin!!



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