I didn’t think I could love a team moreAaaaand then last night happened.

It included everything: up’s, down, home runs, dominant pitching, even a horrifyingly painful nut-shot (#RIP Gary Sanchez’ manhood).

To say watching this game was “great” really doesn’t do it justice… I’d say the only unfortunate thing that came out of last night was the implementation of “Shotguns for Strikeouts” which may have to become an every-game-thing now for the rest of the playoffs:

(Those of you keeping score at home, that was TEN shotguns for Producer Tim… Am I shocked? Hell no, I’ve seen greater feats out of the kid. Nonetheless, impressive to see he went to work at 7am today)

Here are a few notes about the game and then we can all move on to Cleveland:

  • The entire Yanks bullpen FUCKS. Chad Green? Fucks. Tommy Kahnle? FUCKS. DAVID ROBERSTON? DEFINITELY FUCKS… And you just know Aroldis Chapman doesn’t make love… CHAPMAN FUCKS!! I know this makes the bullpen situation a little sticky for the ALDS, but the ALDS doesn’t matter if you don’t win. Loved the pitching from New York last night (minus Severino… obvi).
  • I credit Gardner with the entire win… After that horrible Top of the First, the vibe was NOT positive watching this game from the WCS HQ. It was quiet and just kinda bummed. But Gardner came in, and hit that single and it just seemed to me like he let the young guys know, it’s THAT easy. Then Judge comes in with his hammer dick bat, and follows the veterans’ lead. From there the Yankees were just having fun and doing what they do best – hit the fuck outta the ball. Gardner started that #NeverForget.
  • The dugout interview shit with Torreyes as cameraman is fucking awesome, now equipped with a “Toe-Night Show” branded microphone. The Cubs may have done this first, but the Yankees took it and ran with it.

  • One last note before we get to celebrations… Michael Kay 100% should be allowed to do these games. He went through 162 games with them this year, and he gets booted for the postseason? Sad!
  • Okay, now the postgame celebration…

Ellsbury Castro Yankees Wild Card Win Photo Credit Jim McIsaacSanchez Yankees Wild Card Win Photo Credit Jim McIsaacAaron Judge Yankees Wild Card Win Photo Credit Jim McIsaacTanaka Yankees Wild Card Win Photo Credit Jim McIsaacGardy Party Yankees Wild Card Win Photo Credit Jim McIsaacRobertson Yankees Wild Card Win Photo Credit Jim McIsaacGreg Bird Yankees Wild Card Win Photo Credit Jim McIsaacSeverino Frazier Yankees Wild Card Win Photo Credit Jim McIsaac

I love it. Let’s goooooooooooooo!!!!

Off to Cleveland. Couple quick mindless notes: I hope Clint Frazier has his payback moment at some point to the team that traded him away before he came of age, and, while I do like Andrew Miller, that story-line of “the guy we traded away last year to rebuild” we now have to get through. Game on.