A quarter of the way into the NFL season, the Patriots find themselves down a full game to the Buffalo Bills and tied with the New York Jets… A place I’m sure NO ONE would have guessed they would be back in August.

Now, I think it’s safe to say the general consensus is that it’s still early in the season, and New England will, come December, win the AFC East. Plain & simple.

But let’s say tonight’s game doesn’t go their way. Let’s say New England ends up losing, and down a game and a half to Buffalo heading into Sunday.

Buffalo (3-1) is playing Cincinnati (1-3) this week, who dare I say has the curse of Harambe looming over them (they’re 7-12-1 since His passing) and I think most would agree that should easily be a win for the Bills.

Also, the Bills’ defense is pretty freaking legit allowing just 15.5 points per game this year… And while their offense stinks, it may not matter. Last year the Giants had one of the most anemic offenses ever, but their defense won them 11 games… basically.

So a two game lead after 5 games? That would be HUGE for Buffalo… Does that make tonight a “must win” for the Patriots?

I honestly think so! I think New England needs to head into Tampa and find a way to stop a Buccaneers team that put up 25-points on a Giants team that head and shoulders has a better defense than the shit the Patriots have been putting forth lately.

I am really unsure about this game but I’m pretty positive we are going to see a LOT of points scored. I think Tampa CAN win – but I also know my heart is making most of that call… New England likely WILL win.

If you ask our gambling guy, the Sensation, he’s taking Pats (-5) and the Over at 54. So lock that in – a little “Free Money Sunday” for your Thursday Night Football.

Must win game in October?! You heard it here first (probably not).