We do love Abby Hornacek around here, I don’t think that’s a shocker… She’s gorgeous, works for ESPN and is the daughter of (future NBA Champion) coach of the New York Knicks, Jeff Hornacek. So when I saw she decided to get herself into the “Let’s All Dump on Cam Newton” game – which he deserves for the record – I had to check it out…

I’m just going to go ahead and break down the film here real quick, because there definitely is some talent behind that arm but it’s verrrrry raw…

  • Footwork on the three step drop was sloppy. Needs to be quicker/crisper. Reminiscent of a Freshman year Alex Moran.
  • The two pump fakes at the end of her dropback weren’t faking anyone. Too fast, more of a twitch than anything. NEEDS to learn to sell those fakes – but that’s an easy fix.
  • STARED THE RECEIVER DOWN THE WHOLE TIME… Never looked the defense off once. Sad!
  • I clocked her snap to release at 5.1… There isn’t an offensive line in the league that isn’t watering at the mouth to get after a QB like that. She’s going to want to get the ball outta her hands faster if she wants to play in the league…
  • She put the ball where only the receiver can get it, some things you can’t teach – GREAT touch!
  • 3 FULL seconds in the air is too much hangtime for NFL defensive backs. That safety would come over the top and murder her intended target.
  • She took three bunny hops into that throw… While I appreciate the distance, it looked a little too hard.

I mean, don’t get me wrong – that really was great and all. But there are definitely some things she might want to look into fixing mechanics-wise… That’s all.

I say we get her in the Gruden’s QB Camp and in no time she’ll be ready for Sunday’s.