Okay, Game 1 was rough.

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I said yesterday that we couldn’t afford for Sonny Gray to go 4.2 innings and allow six runs… Well, he didn’t do THAT, buuuuut allowing three in 3.1 innings wasn’t much better. So our starting pitching yesterday (which again, I said made me nervous going into last night) kinda buttfucked us.

Judge getting the ol’ “Golden Sombrero” wasn’t ideal either. But he wasn’t the only one struggling – the Indians were able to strikeout TEN more Yankees in total as they totally shut down our team that often relies on our ridiculous bats… Shit, I mean Bauer even had a no-hitter going into the 6th inning… Sometimes it’s just not your night!

Here’s my take… Let’s not let one game of shitty offense cloud our view of who the Yankees are. This was only the fourth time they’ve been shut out all year*. So yeah, I expect them to score some fucking runs tonight.

By the way, a pretty decent job by Warren and Garcia platooning the way to only allow 1 more run, so shoutout to them. And Betances with a casual 3 K’s… Safe to say he’s back (but not really “safe” at all).

Honestly, you know what guys? It’s all going to be fineeee. Tonight, you know what we’re going to have to do? In the wise words of Destiny’s Child…

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Let’s get it.



Cuck Fleveland,



* = Any sabermetrics nerds out there wondering, the Yankees have responded with 2, 1 and 5 runs on games that followed getting shutout, so nothing wild.