Speechless. This morning I woke up hoping it would all be a nightmare but sure enough I turned on the TV and everyone was praising the Indians for how good they are. How did the Yankees let this happen? Everyone said Kluber was going to fuck the Yankees six ways to Sunday and we BEAT HIM. We beat the shoe-in for AL Cy Young and only had to worry about the bullpen. That is, until Joe Girardi decided to make the worst decision in MLB Postseason history.

I still can’t wrap my head around it. Your catcher says “Hey, I know that ball didn’t hit him. I’m not sure it hit the bat but I know it didn’t hit the batter!” And Girardi just says nope, keep the game going. Instead of reviewing a play that will allow your pitcher to get out of the inning, you decide to load the fucking bases and hope for the best! And I don’t want to hear that this is on Chad Green. Yes, he let up the Grand Slam but I’m sure a lot of other pitchers would make more mistakes if they had to get four outs instead of three.

Girardi claims, “Being a catcher, my thought is I never want to break the pitcher’s rhythm. I never want to break the pitcher’s rhythm, and have the umpires stand over there for two minutes to tell me that (the batter) wasn’t hit.” Fuck off dude. If that’s the case, you’d never call for a review and you should never go out to talk to your pitcher. Dumbest excuse in the book! Quit citing that you were a catcher. If you cared about that so much, you would have listened to your catcher who was telling you the call was wrong!

Girardi also says that they like to have a decision on whether or not to review within 30 seconds. “LIKE” being the operative word there. Is that a set rule? In another 30 seconds you would have had the replay you needed so just stall! You do it all the time to allow your relievers more time in the bullpen. Have your infield go have a conversation on the mound for fuck’s sake, waiting an extra minute isn’t anything new in a baseball game!

I’ve always been so-so on Girardi. I didn’t love him like I loved Torre, but I never hated him either. Well not anymore. Joe, I hate you and I hope you lose your job.

So now the Yanks go home down 0-2 and even if they do win both at home, they still have to go back to Cleveland and probably face Kluber again, who you can bet won’t leave in the third inning. God, it’s like beating Bowser only to lose to Koopa Kid.

Thanks to that fuckhead Joe Girardi, the Yanks’ playoff run is almost certainly ending sooner rather than later. #FireGirardi